The advert police

So there might be adverts on my blog thing now.  If you hate the adverts, get adblock plus for firefox.  If you hate adverts on Tv and live in the UK, get in touch with the ASA (advertising standards agency) and complain your little buns off.  They get less than 10000 complaints a year, and will outright ban an advert that gets too many complaints saying it’s offensive.  So get in touch with all your friends, and get moaning.  Maybe one day, there will be no such thing as adverts, and we’ll have to find something else to ignore, like celebrities.




About harrypeat

I'm a happy-go-lucky chap with a zest for life and the resting heart rate of a yellowfin tuna. I love long walks on the beach at dusk, paintings of elderly couples, and vegan dinners by candlelight. As well as being a talented rhythmic jazz guitarist, I am a part-time vblogger and all-round gymnast.
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