It’s not a religion

Atheist (or athiest) is an annoying word to write.  Does i come before e or not?  Apparently this word thinks it’s special and has decided to go against the rule.  Well, for the rest of this post consider yourself a conformist, athiest.

Athiesm has become quite a popular choice, hasn’t it?  People love to talk about being an athiest, and how it totally changed their life to stop believing in God.  These people can fuck right off.  Idiots who treat athiesm like a religion are the worst kind of hypocrites, because you can’t argue with them.  “I’m an athiest and everything I do is based on logical decisions so I CAN’T be wrong!”  Fuck off and die.  “Believing in God is only for idiots, so because I don’t believe in God I’m not an idiot!”  Yes you are, and you’re also boring, condescending and shit at being a person.  Believing in God does not make someone an idiot.  You’d be surprised at the number of geniuses that believe in God:  Einstein, Newton, Leibniz, Faraday, Descartes, the list goes on, and take note that it’s not just your lack of faith that’s keeping you off it.

Here’s the problem with the “militant athiest”.  They treat athiesm like a religion, and preach it to anyone and everyone who’ll listen, all the while spouting hate speech about christians, muslims, whatever.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an idiot for believing in God, while they are the enlightened genius we should all consult before making any spiritual decisions.  Let’s just lay out a scenario here, and see how it compares.  There’s a guy who does believe in God, and it turns out he is actually right, but only he knows that God is real, and he can’t prove it.  He tells everyone they should believe in God or they’ll go to hell but they don’t, so he gets frustrated and starts calling them all fools.  See the similarity?  What athiests should be doing is shutting the fuck up.  Believing in nothing does not put you above anyone.  If anything, athiests should be forbidden from discussing religion with anyone (including other athiests) in the same way that vegans should stay the fuck away from barbeques.  You don’t belong there.  Just fuck off.


On a side note, I am neither religious, athiest or agnostic (the pussies choice!).  Figure it out.


About harrypeat

I'm a happy-go-lucky chap with a zest for life and the resting heart rate of a yellowfin tuna. I love long walks on the beach at dusk, paintings of elderly couples, and vegan dinners by candlelight. As well as being a talented rhythmic jazz guitarist, I am a part-time vblogger and all-round gymnast.
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9 Responses to It’s not a religion

  1. Cubby says:

    Huh, I actually agree with 99% of what you said here. It’s really hard for me to believe that you would be a buddhist though. Really, really hard.

  2. Cubby says:

    Doh! I vote hedonist then.

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  4. the12look4 says:

    Hello Harry, I would like to add that Einstein was a pantheist in thinking that the nature and God are the same(1). However, even if he did believe in a personal God, as you imply, that would not support your argument. If intelligent people hold a particular world view it does not make that world view automatically correct or incorrect. Also, I am a bellend.

    Also, before you go trampling on Atheists, you should consider a distinction between implicit atheism and explicit atheism(2). It appears that you have clumped all atheists into explicit atheism.


  5. the12look4 says:

    I completely agree with you that militant atheism is an issue. I agree, If I was to use your analogy, vegans should not go to a BBQ where meat is being served and tell them to stop eating mean. But, in the same breath, I think you would agree that people should not come into a vegans home, start having a BBQ, and tell them they should eat meat. Both groups have equal rights so we must distribute those rights equally to vegans and those that BBQ.

    • harrypeat says:

      I do not agree. Us meat eating machines owe it to the vegan community to barge uninvited into their homes and start barbequein’. Props for that joke about vegans and humans having equal rights, though.

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